Start of week 4 / 6

Summary of our challenge so far

  • 200 + Registrants walking for their own reasons - physical health, mental health, community and of course fundraising for the RFDS!
  • over $3500 raised so far!
  • Tally at end of week 3 is 15,000km getting around the coastline of AUS!

Week 4 highlights:

-Scavenger hunt starting- keep an eye out for our little tags around bring them in to collect your prize!

-Re-Draw 2x Scorchers tickets for game 21st Dec- anyone who makes a donation this week to the 6 week challenge for RFDS goes in the re-draw. Drawn next week (2nd Dec).

  •  EFT transfer to our RFDS account
  • Pledge on facebook to us
  • Drop into our office & donate!

Don't forget to keep updated on the Facebook page if you are registered! 

EFT Transfer:

 Melissa Tinker

BSB: 086 852   

Acc: 2501 24460 


Registrations are now open


4th Nov- 15th December 2019

What ?

We wanted to promote physical and mental health in our communities, so this challenge has been designed to help get you moving. Once you register; you walk or run as much as you can (or are comfortable with) to contribute to the overall group goal of enough steps/kms to get around the coastline of Australia. There is no set limit or goal for each individual, we want you to set your own targets and challenge yourself. There is no set location or time, do it whenever or where ever you are. Send in your photos so we can track where everyone is getting out and about!

The Earl St Physio 6 Week Challenge is about pushing your own limits, and helping with motivation to set realistic goals, and actually achieve them.


Get out walking or running. Record using a pedometer, Strava or you current tracking method.

You are accountable for your daily steps or km over the six weeks. Send them in weekly to us, as seen in the 'registrant details page'.


Sign up for your own reasons- challenge your fitness to run or walk, get outside for your mental health, get social walking or running in a group, or meet new people, raise money for a worthy cause!

PRIZES! Everyone who enters goes in the main draw for Scorchers tickets (Dec 21st game). There will also be weekly spot prizes to keep you motivated.


Further Information for Registrants

Click the link below to find out more information after you've registered.

Downloads Available

Registration & Health Check Points


raising funds for RFDS