Services our Physiotherapist's provide

Functional Exercise

o  Our onsite rehabilitation gym is used for functional exercise classes of up to 3 people, or individual sessions working with you to improve function, strength, flexibility and reduce pain.  This is goal orientated treatment using a combination of all of our equipment including a pilates reformer, split pedal chair, fit balls, and weights.

Pelvic Health Assessment & Treatment

o   This includes advice and treatment for a wide range of continence issues both male & female, pelvic pain during and post pregnancy, pain associated with breastfeeding and caring for a new baby.

Workers Compensation Rehabilitation

o   We strive to get all of our clients back to work as quickly as possible, however we also work with you to ensure you are fitter and stronger than previously, and have strategies in place to prevent any future re occurrence of your pain/injury.

Dry Needling

o   Our physiotherapists are trained to use dry needles (similar to acupuncture needles) to help release pain and tension within muscles.


Ergonomic Postural Assessment and Advice

o   We are able to assess and discuss postures for all kinds of work and home environments, working with you to problem-solve and prevent ongoing pain.


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