Functional Exercise


 Our on site rehabilitation gym is used for functional exercise classes of  up to 3 people, or individual sessions working with you to improve  function, strength, flexibility and reduce pain. 

 This is goal  orientated treatment using a combination of all of our equipment  including pilates reformers, split pedal chair, fit balls, and functional trainer. 

Dry Needling


 Our physiotherapists are trained to use dry needles (similar to  acupuncture needles) to help release pain and tension within muscles. 

Make sure to ask your physiotherapist if this treatment is appropriate for you.

Ergonomic Postural Assessment and Advice


 We are able to assess and discuss postures for all kinds of work and  home environments, working with you to problem-solve and prevent ongoing  pain. 

Pelvic Health Assessment & Treatment


 This includes advice and treatment for a wide range of continence issues  both male & female, pelvic pain conditions during and post pregnancy, exercise in pregnancy, pain  associated with breastfeeding and caring for a new baby. 

Workers Compensation Rehabilitation


 We strive to get all of our clients back to work as quickly as possible,  however we also work with you to ensure you are fitter and stronger  than previously, and have strategies in place to prevent any future re  occurrence of your pain/injury. 

AxIT Start Measuring & Stop Guessing


The latest technology in assessment of function and strength. You will be able to book a full body function assessment using our force plates, and pull & push devices. 

This will help provide objective muscle function measures for comparison/ ensuring you are on the right track.

Mum's & Bub's


Give us a call to find our when we are running our next 6 week session on Mum's & Bub's exercise classes.  These include a free initial & follow up assessment with out physiotherapists to ensure you are getting back on track after your little one!

Strength Training


Personalise off season training programs are now available to keep you off the bench next winter sport season! Do your own program, or come in with a friend and do it together.

Consult fees



Initial Consultation:                      $77

Your first visit to see a  physiotherapist, or first visit in over a year, for a new condition.  

Pelvic Health Initial Consultation      $95

A one hour consult with a physiotherapist for a continence/ pelvic health related issue.

Standard Consultation:                $72

Any follow up visit to see our physiotherapists.

Pension Rate Standard consultation:        $67

Available to any holder of a valid Australian pension card. Please present your card to our receptionists.

Functional Exercise Session 1:1                                       $72 (30 mins)

Functional Exercise Class:                                    $30 (1 hour 4x max participants) 

This includes Mum's & Bub's and Off Season Training groups. Programs are modified individually based on your assessment and reassessments.

AxIT  SUPER Assessment:            $160

A 45-60 minute thorough assessment using our AxIT devices. This will give you a guide of peak force, rate of force developed and left/ right balance on most movements. This can be used to have an initial, or re-assessment when you'd like a detailed, or full body assessment.

AxIT  Short Assessment:         $90

A 30 minute assessment using our AxIT devices. This will give you a guide of peak force, rate of force developed and left/ right balance on most movements. Choose this appointment if you'd like to target one area (eg- shoulder strength only).

This appointment can also be used to a limited capacity in Boddington & Corrigin ; with prior arrangement.

Most appointments are scheduled at 30 minutes, and we strive to run on  time, as we realise your time is important too. For this reason we ask  that you aim to be on time, and give us as much notice as possible if you  are unable to attend.

Please refer to our ‘non-attendance’ policy for more information.