Our focus is high quality, individualised physiotherapy care for our clients within the Upper Great Southern region of WA.

We have multiple locations across the upper great southern where we can see you by appointment.

Narrogin:                       Mon-Fri 8.30am- 5pm

                                        Thurs- open until 7pm by appointment only

                                   Closed Weekends & Public Holidays


Allied Health Building, 92 Earl St, Narrogin

              Please call Narrogin on 08 9881 3799 or Book Online


Boddington:                                Friday's  8.30-4pm

Boddington Medical Centre, 65 Hotham Ave

 Please call Narrogin on 09 9881 3799 or Book Online

Corrigin:                              Wednesdays 8.30 am-5pm

Corrigin Medical Centre, 5 Murphy St

Please call Corrigin Medical Centre on (08) 9063 2107


Initial Consultation:                      $77

Your first visit to see a physiotherapist, or first visit in over a year, for a new condition. Please make special mention when booking if you have a pelvic health/continence issue you’d like assessed, as often we need to allow for more time.

Standard Consultation:                $72

Any follow up visit to see our physiotherapists.

Pension Rate Standard consultation:        $67

Available to any holder of a valid Australian pension card. Please present your card to our receptionists.

Functional Exercise Session 1:1                                       $70 (30 mins)

Functional Exercise Class                                    $30 (1 hour 3x max participants)

All appointments are scheduled at 30 minutes, and we strive to run on time, as we realise your time is important too. For this reason we ask that you aim to be on time, and give us as much notice as possibleif you are unable to attend.

Please refer to our ‘non-attendance’ policy for more information.

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